This website presents a series of labor statistics for select Latin American countries. All estimates are computed from household survey microdata with available employment information. The statistics are updated in quarterly or monthly intervals, in accordance to each specific case.

LABLAC is a useful complementary source to the SEDLAC database, which allows users to monitor trends in labor variables with the highest frequency information available for each country. The database is made available through Excel tables for all included countries and periods.

LABLAC is an ongoing project, hence all statistics in this site are preliminary. A next step of this project is extending the database to cover more countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. We are open and grateful to comments and suggestions to improve the database

The  Center for Distributional, Labor and Social Studies (CEDLAS) of the Universidad Nacional de La Plata, in partnership with the World Bank’s Poverty and Equity Group, have developed the Labor Database for Latin America and the Caribbean (LABLAC) with the purpose of improving access to key labor statistics.

LABLAC emerges as a complement of the SEDLAC database on poverty and inequality to provide labor statistics at the highest frequency available in each country. The database is continually updated and improved based on feedback from users ( Additionally, consistency checks with other national and international sources of labor statistics are conducted on a regular basis.

Through this project, CEDLAS & The World Bank aim to build analytical capacity and facilitate policy relevant research in Latin America which contributes to improving social welfare.

The LABLAC team is grateful to National Statistics Institutes from all represented countries in the database for providing access to their microdata. Unless otherwise noted, all estimated indicators should not be considered as official estimates of the countries or The World Bank.

LABLAC is a joint project between CEDLAS and the World Bank’s Poverty & Equity Group.

The CEDLAS team is led by Leonardo Gasparini and Pablo Gluzmann, and includes the following group of researchers in charge of processing and analyzing the household surveys:

Pablo Gluzmann

Leopoldo Tornarolli

Joaquín Serrano

Carolina García Domench

Costa Rica
Pablo Gluzmann

Pablo Gluzmann

El Salvador
Pablo Gluzmann

Carolina García Domench

Carolina García Domench

Malena Arcidiácono

Leopoldo Tornarolli

Emmanuel Vazquez

Cecilia Parada


Pablo Gluzmann

Leonardo Gasparini

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