Nº 250 (September, 2019). Matías Ciaschi, Luciana Galeano & Leonardo Gasparini

“Estructura Productiva y Desigualdad Salarial: Evidencia para América Latina”.

This paper studies the evolution of skill premia and its relationship with the productive structure for sixteen countries in Latin America, using microdata from household surveys and information from National Accounts for the period 1991-2015. The evidence suggests that the change in the productive structure is significantly correlated to the dynamics of wage inequality. In particular, when the share in total value added of sectors that are more intensive in high-skilled labor grows, the skill premium increases significantly.

JEL codes: D31, I26, J21, J31

Suggested citation: Ciaschi, M., Galeano, L. and L. Gasparini. (2019). Estructura Productiva y Desigualdad Salarial: Evidencia para América Latina. CEDLAS Working Papers Nº 250, September, 2019, CEDLAS-Universidad Nacional de La Plata.