Nº 235 (October, 2018). César Edinho Del Pozo Loayza

“Efectos de la Desregulación del Sistema Universitario en el Mercado Laboral en Perú”.

In 1995 the Peruvian’s university system was reformed, the requirements for the entry of new universities were relaxed, the result of this reform was an relevant increases in the number of universities (around 218 % between 1996 and 2017). The reform caused a significant proportion of workers, especially those born after 1980 to pursue higher education, which in the absence of the reform would they not have been able to access to the university system. Differences in the exposure to the reform in terms of the workers’ year of birth, allow me to recover positive causal effects of higher education on wages and labor conditions, mainly a lower probability of labor informality.

JEL codes: I23, I26, J31, J81,C6