Nº 106 (October, 2010). Walter Sosa-Escudero & Sergio Petralia.

“‘I can hear the grass grow’: the anatomy of distributive changes in Argentina”.

We present a detailed description of the drastic changes in many aspects of the distribution of income in Argentina, complementing a recent study by Gasparini and Cruces (2009), who focus mostly on inequality. We use modern descriptive tools to provide a complete map of the changes in many aspects of the distribution of income, and stress the fact that other key measures changes dramatically along inequality. In particular, we focus on documenting the changes in inequality along those of poverty and the size of the middle class.

JEL Code: C15, D31, I21, J23, J31

Published in Baer, W. (ed), Comparative Growth and Development: Brazil and Argentina, Edward Elgar Publishers.