Nº 114 (February, 2011). Maribel Jiménez.

“Un análisis empírico de las no linealidades en la movilidad intergeneracional del ingreso. El caso de la Argentina”.

The principal aim of this paper is quantify and examine intergenerational earnings mobility in Argentina, exploring particularly the hypothesis of variation of the degree of intergenerational (in)mobility across childs´s and parents’s income distribution, by the implementation of econometrics methods utilized in recent empirical literature for nonlongitudinal data. The results derived from the information of two samples from the Permanent Household Survey of 1986 and 2006 suggest that parents´s earnings correlate more strongly with daughter´s earnings than they do with that of a son. Also, intergenerational persistence varies across childs´s and parents’s income distribution. In general, the effect of father´s and mother´s earning is higher for childrens in the lower income quantiles. Moreover, the intergenerational income elasticities in every quantil of the childs, for different sections of parents’s income distribution, are considerably distinct. In synthesis, the results uncover the existence of significant nonlinearities in the intergenerational earnings relationship.