Nº 175 (December, 2014). Javier Alejo & Santiago Garganta. 

“Pobreza crónica y transitoria: evidencia para Argentina 1997-2012”.

This paper studies the evolution of intertemporal poverty indicators in Argentina for the past 15 years. We exploit the rotation scheme of the EPH survey to construct successive panels covering the period 1997-2012. This allows decomposing poverty into its chronic and transient components. The results show that the transient factor is associated primarily with employment characteristics, while chronic poverty is particularly explained by structural characteristics, head and spouse education and household demographic composition. However, in periods with divergent poverty paths, differences in the main determinants of each component arise. In particular, during the last decade there is a general fall in the relative incidence of household characteristics on chronic poverty, even those traditionally associated with that component in Argentina.

JEL Code: I32, P36