Nº 197 (April, 2016). María Pilar Castrosin & Lucila Venturi Grosso. 

“Descomposición del Gini por fuentes de ingreso: evidencia empírica para Argentina 2003-2013”.

The household income is composed of several not mutually exclusive items affecting inequality of household per capita income. Therefore, this work makes a decomposition of the Gini coefficient by income sources for Argentina during the period 2003-2013 and uses the methodology of Lerman and Yitzhaki (1985). It is found that the primary labor income represents 75% of total revenue and it contributes 75.42% to the total inequality. Meanwhile, the secondary labor income contributes 6.13%; retirement and pensions, 12.54%; transfers, -1.10%; and capital income, 2.88%.

JEL Code: D3, D6