Nº 13 (September, 2004). Monserrat Bustelo.

“Caracterización de los cambios en la desigualdad y la pobreza en Argentina haciendo uso de ténicas de descomposiciones microeconométricas”.

Poverty and inequality have experienced a pronounced increase in Argentina during the last decade. As is known, labor income is the product between hourly wages and hours worked. Although important results have been obtained from studying the changes on the determinants of earnings, less attention has been granted to the time spent working. Hence, this study seeks to characterize the impact on poverty and inequality which stems from differences in hours of work using microeconometric decomposition techniques. Additionally, the study also contributes by extending the approach and using quantile regression to carry out the analysis.

JEL Code: C14, C15, C24, D31, I31, J23, J31