Nº 6 (February, 2004). Hernán Winkler.

“Estructura de edades de la fuerza laboral y distribución del ingreso: un análisis empírico para la Argentina”.

The objective of this paper is to investigate the effect of changes in the age structure of the labor force on wage inequality for Argentina. The main results indicate that the distributive effects of a larger participation of young individuals show two effects. On the one hand, total inequality may fall since this age group has less variability in earnings. On the other hand, inequality may increase due to negative effects on average income; which widens the gap between wages across the age distribution. However, since earnings for more educated individuals are more sensitive to cohort size, inequality might drop. As for the final effect of such changes, this study unfortunately does not find a definitive answer.

JEL Code: D31, J21, J23, J31