Nº 128 (January, 2012). Emmanuel Vazquez.

“Segregación escolar por nivel socioeconómico. Midiendo el fenómeno y explorando sus determinantes”.

This paper makes use of data provided by the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) in order to provide a quantification of the level and evolution of school segregation by socioeconomic status in the world, and contribute to the discussion of its determinants. Results suggest that Latin America is a region with high relative school segregation, where segregation between public and private schools is relevant. Findings also indicate that school segregation by socioeconomic status is higher in those countries and periods in which inequality and enrollment in private schools are higher, while certain patterns of geographic localization also play a significant role.

JEL Code: D63, I24

A version of this paper is published in Económica, Vol LXII, January-December 2016