Nº 61 (December, 2007). Mariana Marchionni, Germán Bet & Ana Pacheco. 

“Empleo, educación y entorno social de los jóvenes: una nueva fuente de información”.

The Survey of Employment and Education of Youth (Encuesta de Educación y Empleo de los Jóvenes, INDEC-CEDLAS) is a new and original source of information on labor and educational issues. The survey includes questions that allow a more complete characterization of employment and educational experiences of youth. Also, it gathers information on perceptions about the social and family environment. The EEEJ was carried out in the Greater Buenos Aires Area, Argentina, to young men and women between 15 and 30 years old, who have been already interviewed by the Permanent Household Survey. This paper presents basic information using data from the EEEJ, and estimates models of labor participation and employment using a more complete set of covariates not usually available in other household surveys.

JEL Code: J2, I2

Also published in Anales de la XLII Reunión Anual de la Asociación Argentina de Economía Política, Bahía Blanca, Argentina. ISBN: 978-987-99570-5-9.