Nº 7 (March, 2004). Monserrat Bustelo & Leonardo Lucchetti.

“La pobreza en Argentina: perfil, evolución y determinantes profundos (1996, 1998 y 2001)”.

Poverty in Argentina has experienced a sustained and heterogeneous rise throughout the last decade. Both the variation of mean income and inequality are potential causes for this behavior. This paper studies both effects using the decomposition methodology proposed by Mahmoudi (1998). Additionally, we present the poor population, estimate a poverty profile and enquire about the determinants of deprivation highlighting regional differences. For this, the analysis carries out a decomposition of the squared poverty gap using the Foster, Greer and Thorbecke measures of poverty and estimating probit models for the probability of being poor.

JEL Code: C15, C25, D31, I32