Nº 111 (December, 2010). María Laura Alzúa, Leonardo Gasparini & Francisco Haimovich. 

“Educational reform and labor market outcomes: the case of Argentina’s Ley Federal de Educación”.

In the nineties Argentina implemented a large education reform (Ley Federal de Educación – LFE) that mainly implied the extension of compulsory education in two additional years. The timing in the implementation substantially varied across provinces, providing a source of identification for unraveling the causal effect of the reform. The estimations from difference-in-difference models suggest that the LFE had an overall positive although mild impact on education and labor outcomes. The impact on the income-deprived youths was small for education outcomes and null for labor outcomes.

JEL Code: I2, I3

Project selected by the Policy and Economic Policy (PEP) Network for financial support.