Nº 260 (Abril, 2020). Leonardo Gasparini, Irene Brambilla, Andrés César, Guillermo Falcone y Carlo Lombardo

«The Risk of Automation in Argentina».

In this paper we characterize workers’ vulnerability to automation in the near future in Argentina as a function of the exposure to routinization of the tasks that they perform and the potential automation of their occupation. In order to do that we combine (i) indicators of potential automatability by occupation and (ii) worker’s information on occupation and other labor variables. We find that the ongoing process of automation is likely to significantly affect the structure of employment. In particular, unskilled and semi-skilled workers are likely to bear a disproportionate share of the adjustment costs. Automation will probably be a more dangerous threat for equality than for overall employment.

Códigos JEL: J21, J23, J24, O33

Cita sugerida: Gasparini, L., Brambilla, I., César, A., Falcone, G. y Lombardo, C. (2020). The Risk of Automation in Argentina. Documentos de Trabajo del CEDLAS Nº 260, Abril, 2020, CEDLAS-FCE-Universidad Nacional de La Plata.